Exclusive interview of Aleksandar L.Grujic – Professional Trader, Analyst and Business Partner

Our first interview received incredible feedback from our readers so we thought it was high time we brought you a new one. Without further delay, let´s hear from one of GCI´s most valued Business Partners: Aleksandar L.Grujic. Alex has been actively trading with us since 2003. He has also developed a unique Trading Strategy on Crude Oil and GOLD which we will detail further in the second part of the interview.

Alex, can you tell us when and why you started trading Forex?
In the past it was my regular practice for a few years to convert currencies between my bank accounts and benefit from the fluctuations of their exchange rates. I used to convert USD to DEM or CHF to GBP and wait for the exchange rate to move in my favor.
I had a good bank’s exchange rate with tight spreads and was quite happy with this process…
Until a day came that I transferred most of my money in USD and the currency started its multi-month drop and even multiyear weakness later on. I got very upset with this and realized that I wasn’t knowledgeable enough in my decisions making process (I relied on my intuition and banker’s advices) so I started searching the web in panic to learn more about currencies. It is then that I first heard of the “online trading” concept and I took my first Forex course in 2003.
It was this year as well that I first heard of GCI Financial. The idea of Forex trading seemed very exciting and I was sure I would find something really beneficial in this story!

Trading since 2003? So Alex you are a very experienced trader today and I imagine you have been building a solid trading strategy throughout the years. Could you describe it in a few lines?
My Trading Strategy (TS) is a professional document which coherently links together a set of carefully defined profit-making opportunities, market patterns, trading rules, mental attitudes and money management in order to generate profits. Following a robust TS blindly is the only way to succeed in making profits consistently.
Overcoming the usual market fears is also an essential part of my TS and it consists of 12 very important points. Accepting and handling internet and platform limitations seems to be extremely useful so this is part of my TS document as well. The most important component of my TS is related to winning mindset attitudes and behaviors. And I have two different strategies, one for short-term trading (intraday swings) and another one for daily/weekly trading. I find most success when applying my TS on EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, Crude Oil, Gold and SMI. This document called TS is so important that I dedicated many hours in presenting it professionally in my “Mastering the Art of Currency Trading” specialized trading educational course.

This is quite an important tip you are giving for to traders: Build a solid trading strategy and stick to it while working on managing “market fears”.

Alex, for all the beginners reading this interview but also for the more experienced traders that are also interested in your trading strategy could you please explain which technical indicators you use the most and why?
I use RSI, SMA, support/resistance lines, candle patterns, false moves before important news announcements, Fibo lines and few other proprietary indicators. The most important point with any indicator is for one to choose all variables of this indicator (by backtesting) with an absolute precision so that it can generate profits on a large sample. No indicator can predict the market moves with 90-100% rate of success, but as long as it generates signals that in total of at least 30 trades give profits, then I consider it successful.

Thank you Alex!

This concludes the first part of our interview with Alexander Grujic. Check back soon for part 2 for exclusive tips and beginner’s advice from this experienced and successful trader. Alex will also be telling us why he chose to trade with GCI and we will detail his “Mastering the Art of Currency Trading” specialized trading educational course as well.

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