Trader interview: Miroslav

Today, we have the privilege of posting the interview of Miroslav, one of our pioneer, most active and successful Traders. Miroslav kindly took some of his time to share his knowledge and advice so be sure to read on. The interview provides great information for both experienced and new traders!

Miroslav, could you please explain where you learnt how to trade Forex?
A couple of years ago I was considering the possibility to start activities on online stock markets as it is – in my opinion – a really freelance occupation; one can choose when and where to work (trade) and there is no annoying boss!

And at that time I met people from Ardeus company and participated in several workshops they organized. I got the necessary basics and the “rest” depended on me – study plus demo, demo plus study…

And last but not least, a good psychological training is very useful as well.

“Trend is your friend”

Could you describe your current trading strategy in a few lines?
Trend is your friend and it is good to be able to trade a portion of it.
Don’t overtrade the account. Study and trade only a couple of the most traded commodities, e.g. USD, EUR, GBP, Crude Oil, DJIA.

Great, and which currency pairs do you use the most?
In light of above said – EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

Ok! Could you tell us what made you choose GCI Financial and how has your experience with GCI Financial been?
A company where I studied trading, has a vast experience in trading via GCI Financial. This fact contributed to a great extent to my decision to choose the same company for my activities. I should say until now I have had no serious problems with your company; when some issues came up (mostly technical) your staff was very helpful and proactive when solving it and I would like to thank them for it.

And I’m sure they were happy to help. If we think about new traders for a while, as an experienced and successful trader, what advice would you give them?

“Do not underestimate the role of psychology, it is decisive.”

- Study and train.
- Demo trade as if it was a real account for a year first.
- Do not underestimate the role of psychology, it is decisive.
- Be patient and do not be grabby.


Thank you very much Miroslav for taking the time to answer these few questions. We hope you will continue to be fully satisfied by our services and wish you the best for your future as a trader!

That wraps up our first interview with one of GCI Financial’s most valued clients. Learn from the Pro and be sure to check back soon as we will be interviewing more traders in the future!

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