GCI remains stable, profitable during Swiss Franc volatility

By now, most traders have heard the news that many regulated Forex brokers are bankrupt or are at risk of insolvency after Wednesday’s extreme moves in the Swiss Franc (http://www.businessinsider.com/foreign-exchange-brokers-are-getting-wiped-out-by-the-swiss-francs-surge-2015-1).   GCI is pleased to announce that it remains a bastion of stability and reliability in these volatile times.

GCI is not owed money by any of our customers, our client accounts are fully funded, and January 2015 is shaping into yet another profitable month.    We believe that times like this showcase the superiority of GCI’s business model and risk-management principles.  Most importantly, we look forward to providing our clients with superior service and trading conditions for many years to come.

GCI invites all traders to experience the reliability and service that our clients have benefitted from for the past thirteen years.  Make sure that you are with the right broker in any market condition. You can get started with a free demo account at www.gcitrading.com/demo.

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