GCI Now Offers Binary Options!

GCI now offers Binary Options on its ICTS Forex and CFD/Share trading platforms.

Try it now by opening a Live Account!

Binary Options at GCI offer limited risk and gains of up to 88% per trade, all with a simple betting concept: will the currency or instrument you select be higher or lower in the future?

For example, at 6am the EUR/USD spot price is 1.4221. Will EUR/USD be ABOVE or BELOW 1.4221 at 10am?

If you believe EUR/USD will increase and if the EUR/USD strike price is ABOVE 1.4221 at 10am., with $100 you will make a gross profit of $177!

Unlike traditional trading, Binary Options allow you to benefit from:

  • Up to 88% return per option
  • Bets on Gold, Crude Oil, Currencies, Stock Indices
  • Zero spreads, zero slippage
  • No cost of carry
  • Win by even 1 pip and make up to 88%

Open a Live Account before May 31st with voucher code “BINARY” and get an exclusive 20% Bonus*!

If you want to test binary options first and familiarize yourself with our trading platforms, open a risk-free practice account.

For any questions about GCI’s services or how to open a Live Trading Account, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We’d be happy to help you getting started.

The GCI Team

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