Earn 4% Interest on Your Deposit

GCI now pays you 4% interest per annum on your Account Balance, in addition to any trading profits. Your interest is calculated on your average daily balance and is automatically credited to your trading account at the end of every month. There is no lock-in period, you can withdraw any amount of money at any time.

To celebrate this new offer, GCI will add a totally exclusive 20% Bonus* to any deposit you make to your account during the month of September 2012. For instance, if you deposit $10,000, we will add another $2,000 to your account instantly.

Exclusive September 2012 Promo

It’s a great opportunity to increase your profits and savings, open a Live account today with the voucher code “SEP2012”!

We wish you plenty of success and happy trading with GCI, the “Best Forex Broker Europe 2012”!

GCI Financial

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